a garden center in northwest tennessee
Soleil is made up of a variety of small business models, the one for which we are best known is our Garden Center where we offer everything for your garden, from the plants you put in it to the tools you need to do it, not to mention pottery, soils, fertilizers, and more.
Step inside for a walk around our Showroom to select from our wide array of home furnishings, decor, fragrances, and custom made jewelry.  Unique gift ideas and handmade items from local artisans, such as Jason Leach's bird houses, Steel Concoctions' metal butterflies, Laura Mia's jewelry collection, and so many more.
Design it. Build it.  Maintain it.  Soleil provides all levels of service for helping you create your dream lawn.  Stop by and fill out a landscaping form for a quote, or simply fill one out online!  We are outfitted to tackle any size and scale of landscaping project, from a back porch flower bed to a full commercial-scale overhaul.  
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Contact Us

(731) 885-3005

2317 Nailling Drive
Union City, TN 38261
Our hours are very seasonal, so it is usually best to check on Facebook or call us if you are uncertain if we are open.  Regardless, we are here all year round if you have any landscaping needs

During peak season: 9-6 Mon-Sat
During average season: 10-5 Tues-Sat
During slow season: 9-5 Thurs-Sat
During really slow season: closed for retail

It's not your grandad's nursery.
While we provide a lot of the goods and services you might expect from a nursery, we also provide a few you don't.  Come on in and find out more!