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Bronze [Studio]

What is it?

    A real, live, gen-u-ine, place where you can have yourself or any old person record themselves doing just about anything, but mostly music.

Is it just for "serious" musicians, or can anybody do it?

    Well, music is for anybody, so this is definitely for you or your gradma!

Do I need to have my own music?

    It would be great if you could bring your instrument with you, or just bring a CD with the track for the song you want to record.

OK, how much will it costt?

    To answer in a general way, it's $35 per hour-long session, but for you "serious" musicians, you might want to check out my website. Just click on this: Bronze Studio

Yikes, I don't sing!?

    Hey, that's OK, I can't wear pink, but here are some other ideas: record a bedtime story for your grandchild who lives 4 hours away, sing "Happy Birthday" to your soldier, let your child sing their favorite "Frozen" song and give a CD to the grandparents for Christmas.