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Where art meets science, let us help you landscape your business or home. Our team has years of training and the latest in design software to assist you in sculpting your yard to achieve an optimal design that will look great throughout the seasons and throughout the years.

We'll use our Pro Landscape software to create the perfect landscape environment for you that meets your design and budget needs. Then, we'll help you get everything just where it needs to be.


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Dustin (aka Dustin, aka Dustin Cloar)

Dustin is wear the rubber meets the road, or rather where the roots meet the soil, or where the mortar meets the brick, or where whatever it takes to get it done meets getting it done. He has genuine affinity for plants and landscaping, a true gift for doing it, and work ethic that goes unmatched.

[mutter mutter] " to do..." [continued hammering] -Dustin

Dustin is a man of few words.

Will (aka Will Bradshaw)

Will is a trove of information of regarding things outdoors, both recreational and vocational. He is currently finishing up his degrees in Agriculture Engineering and Surveying, and loves to get in the dirt.

"I'm working." -Will

Will is also a man of few words.

John (aka the Greenhouse Yeti, aka John Abernathy)

John honed his horticultural skills growing up in New Orleans. When he was done teaching college courses in botany, captaining boats around the world, playing piano on the lawn, and generally being the stuff a John Kennedy Toole novel, John joined the crew at Soleil to impart upon us his wisdom and experience of plants and American history.

If you have a plant question, come find John.

Erin (aka Erin Bell)

Erin comes from a long line of farmers and has a genetically predisposed green thumb. She studied botany in Colorado after leaving a career in drafting and design, and honestly could not be happier about it.

Fée (aka Fée de Fleur)

The resident fairy at Soleil, Fée has a natural flare for aestethics, especially when it comes to plants. With unflagging enthusiasm and childlike wonder, Fée seems to infect everyone with a little zest and whimsy. Fée spends most of the time tending to flowers, but has a general appreciation and understanding of all of botany.

micah (aka the27man, aka Micah Barnes)

micah achieved his Bachelor's of Music at the University of Tennessee at Martin before starting his career as an Audio Engineer and Graphics Designer in Nashville, TN. After returning to Union City to assist in the design of Discovery Park of America, micah relocated his studio (Bronze Recording) to Soleil, where he branched out into video production.

He likes sound.

"I like sound." -micah

When he's not recording musicians or making commercials for Soleil, micah generates the 3D renderings and videos for projects. He is also an instructor at the University of Tennessee at Martin.


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