Soleil Landscape Consultation Form

First Name: Last Name:

Address: City:

State: ZIP:

Number of years tending to or living in residence: 1 2-5 5-10 10-20 20+

Email: Phone:

What areas would you like to have designed or rejuvenated? (Choose all that apply.)

Create outdoor living spaces to relax and entertain Hide unsightly views
Frame attractive view Update and enhance areas
Buffer a noisy area Complete redesigned landscape
Increase privacy Add a new garden space or bed

What are some features you would like in your landscape? (Choose all that apply.)

Walking paths Landscape lighting Sitting or Patio Area
Water features Play area for children Irrigation

What are some site limitations, problem areas, or special considerations? (Check any that apply)

Erosion or drainage issues Extremely Dry areas Underground utilities
Wet or boggy areas Septic tank Easements
Other reason:

What is the area's sun exposure? (Check the one that applies most to this project.)

Morning sun Afternoon sun Full and constant sun
Deep shade Partial shade More than one area, greatly varying sun exposure.
Other specifics:

Plant preferences: Plants that interest you or ones that you dislike.
**This is very important.**
(Trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials, herbs and vegetables, grasses, vines, etc.)

Mulch preference:

Hardwood "Brown" Mulch Hardwood "Black" Mulch Pine needles

Are there any overgrown plants or problem areas that need attention or removal?

Yes No
If yes, please describe:

What level of maintenance do you expect to do?

I enjoy getting my hands dirty
I don't mind a bit of yard work
I don't mind watering if I have to
I'm interested in a full maintenance program

How much would you like to invest into your landscape?

Less than $1,000
$1,000 - $2,000
Over $2,000


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