Soleil has the tools and experience to design your landscaping to best suit your needs.  Our team will work with you to provide high-quality renderings, comprehensive plant lists, and itemized costs so you can know exactly how it will look, what it will require, and how to budget before your project even begins.  You can fill out a form online or stop by and let us go over it with you.
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Our crew can plant hydrangeas and pour concrete.  We can pot up your planters and build your pergola.  From placing trees to running irrigation, Soleil has the gear and the know-how to make it happen.
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Owning a yard and maintaining a yard are two very different things.  Soleil can ease the burden of landscape maintenance by offering more than just the standard 'mow-n-blow' services.  We can also service your irrigation, repair structures, and replace plants since our maintenance contracts come with an automatic plant warranty!
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Our hours are very seasonal, so it is usually best to check on Facebook or call us if you are uncertain if we are open.  Regardless, we are here all year round if you have any landscaping needs

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