There's no place like gnome...
Showroom + Gallery

The Showroom & Gallery are an experience all their own.

The Showroom offers a unique selection of home furnishings and decor, handmade furniture, jewelry, candles, lotions, ornaments, and so much more. The Gallery has a variety of art, sculptures, and carvings. What's more is almost all of it is created by local artists and craftsmen.

Micah Barnes Reclaimed wood furniture
Jason Leach Copper-top birdhouses, wood home furnishings
Laura Kingrey Gemstone, copper, leather and pearl jewelry
Peggy King Glass jewelry
Antoinette Waites Trendy canvas art
Ashley Jenee Ceramic arts
Dan Blake Woodcraft picture frames, swings
David McBeth Thrown pottery
Erica Northam Williams Paint on canvas
Mary Beard Stained glass
Jessica Kirk Knit scarves
Joyce Bell Glass art, wind chimes
Kathy Johnson Paper and collage art, cards
LaVaughn Cummings Gemstone, copper, leather and pearl jewelry
Les McDiarmid Paint
L.L. Essentials Specialty soaps
Maggie Wallace Specialty stoneware
Moon Man Paint
Pat Wade Paint
Rebecca Long Paint
Ronnie Robinson Wood carving
Stephen Crosby Thrown pottery, stoneware, and porcelain
Virginia Griffin Crochet scarves
Larry Burcham Metal artist
Jennifer Barnes Indoor/Outdoor pillows
Ken Ruth / Terry Montgomery Live edge furniture, organically created furniture


Archipelago Candles, home fragrance, lotions
Tokyo Milk Body luxuries, lotions, gragrance
Pip Studio Fine porcelain
Luminara Flameless candles
Corinthian Bells Wind chimes


Drop in and let us show you some truly gorgeous works. You have to see it to believe it.